Visual Poetry

In my text works, I deal in particular with the topics:

Identity, reality and the digital age.

Text Body & Portraits, 2017 – now

„Drawing“ with typewriter on paper. a kind of „painting by numbers“. my portraits and text body consist of the words „text“, „text“ & „sex“, „wo_man“, „wom_men“ or „dis_appearance“.

I make portraits of persons/people who never existed, who are pure fiction – like all of us who are constantly telling and retelling our own story, beings who are constantly inventing and losing themselves.

Portrait, Typewriter on Kahari Paper, 2022
Portraits, Typewriter on Kahari Paper, 2022
Portrait, Typewriter on Kahari Paper, 2022
Woman (Gender Construction), Typewriter/Collage on handmade Paper, 2018
Portraits Typewriter on Kahari Paper, 2022
Portrait, Typewriter on Papyrus, 2020

Follower, 2021

Follower is a project in which I noted down the follower numbers of the accounts I visited during a spontaneous session on Instagram.

typewriter on handmade paper.

Digital Age / Identity, 2018 – now

Benutzeroberfläche/user interface, selfie, fotoprint on canvas.


Corona, 2020/21

My first mask. The isolation. The i_solation. The date of the first corona infection in Germany recorded on paper, bilingual.


„useless words“ is a work from January 2017, when Donald Trump was sworn in
as President of the United States. You can see two bags with the flag of the United States, one bag titled „useless words“, one with „meaningless words“.
They contain words like: freedom, freedom of speech, truth, democracy, human rights, dream, respect – bagged in like evidence in a criminal case.
I am writing about this work in a catalogue that I have been „inspired“
by the new tone in the White House, including the fact that the balance of power
in the world has shifted, or is beginning to shift, because suddenly a new order
had moved into the White House with a new language that tramples
on the values that the United States has held since its founding.

also you can see a brush glued with oil paint on which „bright china“ is written.
„Bright“ is actually a type of brush, for example to be able to draw sharp edges.
Underneath you can see a notepaper with the words: freedom of speech, freedom, human rights, justice, truth.

i like to combine those works with my pictures of cut down trees.

democracy, typewriter on paper, 2022

A work from the series of full-page typed pages. Here I am always particularly interested in chance also in the vulnerability, the individuality and complexity of each word. There is a uniqueness in every repetition, in the individual word, in the entire writing process. Here in „democracy“, another sheet of paper got stuck in the typewriter – a so far unique event in all my work with the typewriter – and has shaped democracy/democracies/the democratic process and determined the narrative about it. A dismantling of democracy has inscribed itself, taken on a life of its own.

Climate Change / Monoculture, 2017 – now

„the forest has always been regarded as a mirror of society’s constitution.“

Text Art and Humor

Berliner Liste, Postbahnhof 2017.
Lasterheft des Heiligen Heinz-Otto, vertilgt, 2017
Form und Inh_alt, 2016
unbeschriebene Blätter, 2017
about my visual poetry/text art: 

it all began when my typewriter got stuck. that was when i discovered vertical writing. the – to me – unfamiliar direction of writing made me understand language as a material in a new way. since then i am experimenting with the wide range of text-based art. in some cases this kind of art is obviously visual poetry.

i work associative. in connection with language as material different kinds of paper and of writing media are of deep interest to me. the investigation of the interrelation of meaning and media is an important concern, the question how to convey meaning by media.

combines of abstract painting and text are also a fascinating subject to me and therefore a field of experimentation. the process is again often associative. i examine how image and text interwine, complement each other, create contradictons. the combines generate their own dynamic.

i am furthermore interested in the genre of picture-poems and the classical manner of setting them to the paintings side.