preparing for a performance in 2007 i discovered earth as material. in search for a technique to fix earth (on any material) i found glue. i started experimenting with the method, drew with glue at high speed, practising a kind of action painting (or action writing), abstract and figurative.

Traces of intelligent life, 2018 – until now

the origin of writing with earth was – as said – the search for a technique to fix earth on any material. out of that the idea of „earthpaintings“ or „earthwritings“ emerged.

in creating „earthwritings“ or „earthpaintings“ (that mixes) i draw with glue at high speed on different media, mainly on raw canvas. coincidence and subconscious are essential in this process. one can say i practice a form of automatic writing. the sketch is covered with earth which sucks into the glue, becomes its trace, its form. the transperent glue turns visible through matter. (material) phenomens need unfication (to come to being). from then on reading starts. the reading of the „earth-disegno“.

at its core, a form of asemic writing, also a form of meditation or musical comopsition, to create space for new comprehension of reality and things, their multidimensional nature. the works are also landscapes, emotions, emotional landscapes/mapping of reality and they have a humourous dimension of course as the title reveals.

Traces of intelligent life, 2016, earth, glue, acrylic on canvas at LiTE-Haus Gallery 2016