Artist‘ s statement

My work is often politically motivated. For me, art is a powerful instrument to deal with socio-political issues on a small and large scale, to take positions and communicate them. A picture often says more than a thousand words, even a text-based one with one word only. With my works I am trying to create new perspectives, contribute to current debates, provoke discourses. For me, questions about the current undermining of democratic values and structures as well as environmental protection and global coexistence in general are particularly urgent.

My main topics are: identity, reality and the digital age. In these contexts, the issues of climate change, gender narratives, feminism, racism, colonialism, democratic values also play a crucial role.

With the „text bodies“ and the „portraits“, consisting of the words „text“ and „sex“, I paint/draw with the typewriter. Both, text bodies and portraits, can often be read as gender constructions, also as self-images, apparent portraits, testimonies, alienations, memory mosaics, narratives that constantly generate new narratives. How to grasp and determine identity? Identity is a mystery to me. I am on its trail. The trace is lost and found again and again – and and permantly transforms.

I explore how words unfold meaning, standing on their own or in constant repetition, practising a kind of conceptual automatic typing. Random typos often play a decisive role in this. They interfere with the text, with meanings and interpretations, sometimes like comments. The unconscious communicates with the conscious, extends it. Playfully, words stand at attention, dance out of line, one-sidedly renounce the one-sided, transform themselves into images and transform images.